What is hope?

Hope is more or less like what I felt when Internazionale bought Kovacic, Kuzmanovic, and Schelotto in the recent transfer window after a bad trend since we got a very good trend (which end when we won over Juventus and Partizan). In that period, Inter got 5W-5D-7L. It’s very bad.

Well, it’s not proven yet. But, I don’t know why, I’m sure that Inter will be different. And, that’s what I call “hope”.

Well, I can conclude that Inter did something, and taddaaa… there is a hope.

Yes, we need to do something to get our hope. Or in term of probabilistic, we need to do something to make our hope more probable.

Another thing, our future is like Schrödinger’s cat. We don’t know what’s like until we go through it. But somehow, by doing something, we can raise our hope to get the future that we want. *I think I misuse, the “Schrödinger’s” term. But who cares? I do care. Aw man, I feel like I have schizophrenia or multiple personality,

Phew, I don’t know how to continue this blog post. Honestly, I just cherry-pick some of my mind here, to distract me from the other issue. I’d be better to sleep.

NB : sorry for my bad English.


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